Career-Bound Students

Career-Bound Students

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Creating a resume This link will open in a new tab.
This section will offer students information about how to write a resume that is suitable to present to future employers. A link to a sample resume will also be included in this section so serve as a guide when you begin creating your own resume!

Job hunting “know-how” This link will open in a new tab.
It can often be difficult to navigate the process of finding a job. There are many options out there and a variety of ways to access information about job possibilities. This section offers a simple 5 step guide to searching for a job.

What to do in an interview This link will open in a new tab.
Many potential employers require candidates for a position to interview in person. This guide will offer you some tips and do’s and don’ts of interviewing. You will also be able to look at a typical interview process in the “anatomy of an interview” section of this link.

Creating a Career Development Portfolio This link will open in a new tab.
A career development portfolio is a collection of materials and resources that will help you in the career exploration and job hunting processes. Included in a career portfolio would be a: cover letter or introductory letter, a resume, Information about past work experiences, volunteer activities and community projects , academic information, samples of your work, and learning style/career interest inventory results.

CV-TEC Career & Technical Education This link will open in a new tab.
This web link will take you to the Champlain Valley Services Technical Center homepage where you can explore the career training programs that are available for high school students. Typically, a PHS student can begin participating in a program at CV-TEC for a half day during junior and senior years in a specific field. If you are interested in pursuing one of these career options, please see your counselor for more information about visiting CV-TEC and/or taking courses in your junior and senior years.

Career Exploration This link will open in a new tab.
This link includes list of resources for you to use to help you in your career planning process. The first set of resources is a collection of websites that offer career exploration exercises. Some of them include assessments so that you can match your interests and abilities to careers that might work best for you. Other websites simply allow you the ability to delve deeper into what some of the career options entail. In any event, use these resources to your advantage. If you would like to discuss results with your counselor please feel free to do so!

Military Careers This link will open in a new tab.
The military consists of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and the Reserves. In this section you will learn about all of the different career options available in each branch of the military. You will also learn about the many benefits you might enjoy with a career in the military. Please contact the PHS Guidance Department for more information about how to get into contact a military recruiter.


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