Technology Integration

Plattsburgh City School District  ILLUMINATES learning with technology.  We do not use technology for the sake of using technology, we facilitate and enhance learning with the infusion of technology.  Technology provides access to tools that transform learning and provide meaningful collaboration experiences.  Technology allows access to knowledge beyond our school buildings and empowers students to solve real world problems.  It also provides innovation sparks and tools to be innovative.

Technology skills acquired will be valuable in higher education and the modern and current workforce.  We value the balance of student experiences with and without technology.  When using technology, educators will be able to provide a rationale for technology using the SAMR model of integration.

A primary focus of Technology Integration in PCSD is the ongoing support and development of administration, instructional staff, instructional support staff, and students.  The district has selected two Technology Integration Specialists, one that is full-time and one that is half time.  They are designing technology support and training that is adaptable and innovative.