Hall of Fame

The Plattsburgh High School Athletic Hall of Fame was started in 1993, and inducted its first class in October 1994. Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the PHS athletic program and, in some cases, at both the college and professional levels through their participation as athletes, coaches or administrators are inducted annually at an Induction Dinner as part of the Homecoming Weekend every fall. PHS teams may also be nominated to receive recognition at the annual Hall of Fame ceremony and the celebratory dinner later that evening.

List of Hall of Fame Inductees

Kevin Bordeau ’92
Tory Bouyea ’07
Timothy DeLise ’02
Patrick Goodell Coach 1988-2016
Peggy Supernault ’81
Matt Rivers ’01
Michael Rivers ’01
Donnie Coolidge ’04
Katrina Staves ’05
Janice Trudeau, Coach
Adam Favro ’93
Hannah Saiz ’09
Pat Shaughnessy ’08
Angelo Sutton ’83
Guy Garrow ’80
Jane Bacon, Coach/Teacher
No inductees due to COVID
Lisa Zaferakis ’94
Krissy Whitbeck ’93
Robbie Calkins ’84
Tim Kelley ’88
1975-76 Boys Basketball Team

Debbie Burns (Davis) (Class of 2003)
Casey Flynn (Class of 1977)
Steve Garrow (Class of 1982)
Matt Meyers (Class of 1996)
Leigh Ryan (Class of 1989)

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Gordon Grass (Class of 1957)
Tom Maston (Class of 1989)
Brian Mehan (Class of 2005)
Alan Rowlson (Class of 1962)

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Derek Baum (Class of 1984)
Mark Haubner (Class of 1988)
Dave LaMora (Class of 1965)
Tom Neale (Class of 1987)

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Jeff Cochran (Class of 1978)
Matt O’Dell (Class of 1999)
Kevin “Skip O’Hara (Class of 1972)
Kari Parrish (Class of 1987)
Michael Pedersen (Class of 1996)
Mark Stetz (Class of 1965)

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David Baroody (Class of 1996)
Jeff Carpenter (Class of 1976)
James “Jim” O’Connell (Class of 1951)
Laura Phillips Nutt (Class of 2001)
Clifford “Joe” Staves (Administrator)

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Sarah Davis (Class of 1999)
Mike Deloria (Class of 1979)
Matt Flynn (Class of 1996)
Peter Sullivan (Teacher/Coach)
Justin “Gus” Terry (Class of 1996)

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Mark Donnelly (Teacher/Coach/Trainer)
Karen Joubert (Class of 1979)
Pam Leopard Ryan (Class of 1983)
Mitch Tarr (Class of 1975)
Tommy Thompson (Coach)

Tom Beauvais (Class of 1963)
Scott Miller (Class of 1991)
Greg Stanley (Class of 1982)

Tracey Lockwood Giroux (Class of 1984)
Elizabeth Jackstadt Theeman (Class of 1998)

2009 Inductees
Kevin Daugherty (Class of 1975)
Micki Flynn (Class of 1994)
Robert Gendron (Class of 1949)
Holli Mullholland (Class of 1995)

2008 Inductees
Mark Bogucki (Class of 1993)
Jeff Holmes (Class of 1976)
Steve Holmes (Class of 1979)
James McNally (Class of 1949)

2007 Inductees
Rick Tuttle (Class of 1957)
Maggie Bourdeau (Class of 1994)
Jonathan Mullholland (Class of 1992)

2006 Inductees
Melissa Lahtinen-Penfield (Class of 1985)
Robert “Robbie” Spencer (Class of 1982)

2005 Inductees
Krista Bunnell Brown (Class of 1987)
Gary “Hector” Duquette (Class of 1965)
Michael Flynn (Coach/Administrator)
Ron Wood (Class of 1957)

2004 Inductees
Dan Manning (Class of 1985)
Fred Phifer (Class of 1941)
Matt Sames (Class of 1986)
Laurie Williams (Class of 1977)

2003 Inductees
Thomas Brown (Class of 1986)
Kyle Watson (Class of 1991)
Harry Yelle (Class of 1965)

2002 Inductees
Dan Adams (Class of 1969)
Sherry Yelle-Beaubriand (Class of 1966)
Dr. Robert Heins (Class of 1957)

2001 Inductees
Penny Bourdeau-Baum (Class of 1985)
Scott Carpenter (Class of 1988)
Earnest “Dutch” Craumer (Coach/AD)
Mark Garrow (Class of 1973)
Mike Mannix (Honorary Member)
Gary Martineau (Class of 1948)

2000 Inductees
Francis Doyle (Class of 1945)
Tom Herlihy (Class of 1967)
Ray Holmes (Teacher/Coach)

1999 Inductees
Kevin Bushey (Class of 1979)
Russ Keller (Class of 1973)
Harold “Chick” McCready (Class of 1949)
Alyce Provost (Class of 1987)

1998 Inductees
Thelma Douglas (Retired 1976)
Tom Ducatte (Class of 1970)

1997 Inductees
Ara Asadourian (Class of 1956)
Chester “Chet” Cleland (Class of 1949)
Joanne Gratto (Class of 1979)
Steve Pavone (Class of 1970)
Melvin “Lefty” Wilson (Class of 1949)

1996 Inductees
Dean Benson (Class of 1952)
Joseph Cardany (Class of 1977)
Beth Francis (Class of 1979)
James LaPiere (Class of 1959)
George Repas (Class of 1928)

1995 Inductees
Mike Beauvais (Class of 1954)
Alfred Diebolt (Class of 1938)
Gail Helfer (Class of 1971)
Dale McNally (Class of 1970)
Charles R. “Bobby” Parker (Class of 1948)
Christopher Rowlson (Class of 1965)

1994 Inductees – Charter Members
William “Billy” Benson (Class of 1959)
Jeff Burns (Class of 1965)
Victoria Duquette McMillan (Class of 1972)
Francis E. “Bud” Miller (Class of 1935)
Frank Steltzer (Class of 1942)
Todd Wilkinson (Class of 1980)

Nomination Process

Nominations are now being accepted for next fall’s induction class – the nomination deadline is June 1.

A nomination form in pdf format can also be printed by clicking here. Please mail this completed form as instructed on the form.
Inductees will be announced in August and a gala induction ceremony will be held in conjunction with the annual fall homecoming weekend.

If you have any questions about the Hall of Fame, please email the Hall of Fame Committee: admiral0417@yahoo.com

Hall of Fame Nomination Form (PDF)

Hall of Fame Executive Committee

Mike Deloria, Chairman

Vickie McMillan
Pat Shaughnessy
Chris Hartmann
Robbie Calkins
Tom Lacey
Jan Flynn
Matt Rivers