Priorities and Core Values

District Finance: Responsible budget management, which reflects the instructional mission of the District while remaining mindful of the local taxpayer effort.

Facilities: Facility planning to focus on deferred maintenance issues, safety, instructional and student use spaces.

Instructional: A K-12 curricular focus that prioritizes an articulated curriculum, utilization of instructional
technology and educational opportunities such as course selections and program offerings.

School Community: Supportive of the partnerships between the school and greater community respecting parent involvement, communications, and community needs.

Student Achievement: Accountability towards student achievement K-12 and supporting efforts to enhance results at all levels.

Student/School Culture: Holding a particular focus on the importance of understanding the culture of today’s student and the resultant school climate. Noteworthy concerns which fall into this area include peer issues, bullying, food issues and classroom climate.


We, the students, teachers, parents, Board of Education, and staff of the Plattsburgh City School District value…

Continuous Improvement — we create a learning community where every member is committed to and supported in doing better.

Accountability — we are responsible for student development and achievement.

Integrity — we address all aspects of our mission with honesty and compassion.

Building Community — we recognize and respect the diversity of all and encourage active participation and open communication in all aspects of our mission.


Our mission is to educate each student of the Plattsburgh City School District by creating challenging, supportive, and interactive learning that advances intellectual, physical, social, and cultural development.


The Plattsburgh City School District will be recognized and admired for demonstrated excellence and student success. We will welcome all members of our community, embrace their diversity, and create partnerships without barriers with students, families, teachers, staff, and local agencies to improve the quality of life for all. Our schools will be centers of wellness, defined by an energized joy of learning that promotes positive self-esteem and develops well-rounded individuals as well as a community of life long learners. We will be advocates for change that creates a culture of openness and acceptance with foundations of integrity and accountability.

CRITICAL THINKER — All students will be capable of problem solving, decision making, and risk taking enabling them to function in an efficient, productive way in society.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR — All students will develop the skills necessary to communicate effectively.

HEALTHY CITIZEN — All students will consistently make healthful choices demonstrating respect for their physical, emotional, and social well-being.

LIFELONG LEARNER — All students will develop the skills of self-evaluation and inquiry to engage in the process of lifelong learning.

RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN — All students will positively apply understandings of their own and diverse cultures to a changing world.