Job Hunting Know How… A Basic Guide

Job Hunting Know How… A Basic Guide

Step 1: BRAINSTORM: Begin thinking about job options that interest you or job options that you are prepared to apply for (ex: someone trained as an electrician would begin thinking about places to apply where electrician related skills are needed).

Step 2: PREPARE: Create your resume and cover letter. Be sure to have hardcopies and an electronic version (as some jobs require that you apply online). Also be sure to contact any references you plan to use to ask permission and to let them know that you are beginning the job search process.

Step 3: DEFINE: Define your search criteria. Do you want small businesses or large corporations? Do you want to stay in the area, or move away? Do you prefer a rural or urban setting? What kind of work environment are you seeking? How far of a commute are you willing to make? What is the minimum salary you are willing to earn? These types of questions should be carefully considered before engaging in job searching.

Step 4: SEARCH: The main task begins when one starts sifting through the host of available job openings. Searching is about knowing your resources and utilizing each of those resources to provide opportunities for yourself. Here are some great places to begin your job search:

  • Career Fairs – In rural communities these types of options may not be as frequently available, however opportunities such as this do arise. Local companies and some industries do have job fairs. Keep an eye out for these opportunities in local papers. You might also be able to go online to search for Career Fairs in other communities/states if you do not plan to stay in Clinton County.
  • Internet Search– Searching the internet for jobs can sometimes seem like an impossible task, however there are some great websites out there that really make this search a little easier. When searching for jobs online be sure to have an electronic resume and cover letter template all set so that you can submit your information for specific jobs, or to the website in general (doing so will allow some employers to contact you!!). Here are some great career search engines on the internet that might help you begin job hunting:
  • Classified Ads– This option is especially useful if you plan to stay in the Clinton County Area. The local newspaper lists local job openings in a variety of fields. Be sure to act quickly on job openings listed in the paper as they tend to fill up fast. Also, note that many employers wait to post ads in the Sunday paper, so you may want to check Sunday for a more complete listing. Additionally, most newspapers are posting classified ads online- another way to access great information. Check out the local job listing at the Press Republican:
  • Employment Agencies– Employers often enlist local employment agencies to screen and recommend job applicants. Because of this, some employment agencies may be aware of job openings that have not been released to the general public. In Plattsburgh, we have local job placement resources that you can take advantage of. If you plan to work outside of the area, you can check phone books in that community for employment agency listings. Here is some information regarding our local employment agencies:
    • Westaff This link will open in a new tab.: 307 West Bay Plaza, Plattsburgh, New York 12901
      Phone number: (518) 566-6061
    • One Work Source This link will open in a new tab.: 194 Us Oval, Plattsburgh, NY 12903
      Phone number: ( 518) 561-0430
  • Step 5: FOLLOW UP: When interested in a position at a particular place of employment, it is a good idea to inquire about the closing date on the job. This will let you know when your application may be reviewed. It is also a good idea to check and see what procedure they would prefer you use to inquire about the status of your application (should you call them or should you wait until they call you). Nonetheless, it is important to make sure that you make a plan to follow-up as this is an indicator if your interest in the position.