Health Services

Health Services in Plattsburgh City Schools

According to Nurse Practitioner Jill Silver, Bailey Avenue Elementary, the nurses provide many of the mandated health services in the District, screening students for medical conditions such as vision and hearing problems and scoliosis. The State also mandates physical exams in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grades 2, 4, 7 and 10. If a student does not have a certificate of examination from an MD, the nurses can conduct the examination. They also ensure that students comply with all immunization requirements.

The School Nurses work closely with Medical Director, Jill Silver, Nurse Practitioner, regarding the entire Health Services program. Ms. Silver offers guidance and consultation regarding individual student conditions and/or concerns, and also in the planning, programming and development of policy/procedure.

Cheryl Maggy, RN at Plattsburgh High School says, ”I think an important thing that we do is basic health education with the students. Many of them do not how to treat the common cold, sleep problems, sore throats, minor injuries, hygiene, etc. We track communicable diseases in the area, and do an excellent job on clearing our athletes and making sure they are in good health to participate in sports. School Nurses are a link between students and counselors & physicians, getting them the right community resources and services they need, especially for mental health, counseling and eating disorders.”

Health Services provides help and education on an individual basis to students with food allergies, diabetes, asthma and seizures. They also train faculty and staff to deal with situations that may arise from these conditions, by alerting the School Nurse at the first sign of trouble. For example, there is a peanut-free table in the cafeteria for students with peanut allergies, and the nurses advocate “snack supervision,” educating faculty and staff to ensure that only healthy and safe snacks are available in school.

The District has placed AEDs (automated external defibrillators) in every school. The number of defibrillators per building is dictated by its size and layout, since one must be able to reach an AED from anywhere in the building within 2 minutes.

The nursing staff is actively involved in all health related issues and practices across the District, and is an integral part of providing a safe and healthy environment for Plattsburgh schoolchildren.

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