Family Involvement in PBIS

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports Family Involvement in PBIS

Family Involvement in PBIS
Working with the school in a proactive way to create a safe, positive and nurturing learning environment for all children.

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Let’s Work it Out Sheet
4 Bees at Home and Beyond Worksheet
4 Bees Achievement at Home Parents’ Report


Basic Responsibilities of Families

  • Housing, health, nutrition, clothing, safety
  • Parenting skills for all age levels
  • Home conditions that support children as students at all grade levels
  • Information and activities to help schools understand children and families


Challenge for Schools

  • Provide information to all families who want it or who need it
  • Enable families to share information with schools about background, culture, talents, goals and needs.


Basic Responsibility of School

School to Home Communication

  • Memos, notices, report cards, conferences, newsletters, phone calls, computerized messages
  • Information on school programs, tests, and children’s progress
  • Information to choose or change schools, courses, programs or activities


Home to School Communication

  • Two way channels of communication for questions and interactions


Challenge for School

  • Make all memos, notices, and other print and non-print communications clear and understandable for all families
  • Obtain ideas from families to improve the design and content of communications such as newsletters, report cards and conference schedules


Involvement at School

  • In school or classrooms: Assist administrators, teachers and students as parent aides, tutors, coaches, lecturers, chaperones, office work, data results
  • Attend School Events: assemblies, performances, sporting events, awards ceremonies and other celebrations


Challenge for School

  • Recruit widely, provide training and create flexible schedules for volunteers so that all families know that their time and talents are welcomed and value

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