PBIS @ Glasgow Elementary

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

What is PBIS at Glasgow Elementary?


PBIS is a team based systemic approach in teaching the behavioral expectations throughout the school. It is based on a proactive model which teaches the behaviors, reinforces and recognizes children who are able to model these behaviors and has systems in place to support children who have a difficult time or may present with more challenging behaviors.

The team approach is what truly makes this system work and we really need every family’s support to help us be successful.


Instead of using a patchwork of individual behavioral management plans we have moved to a school-wide management system that addressee the entire school, the classroom and areas outside the classroom; such as hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, offices, playground and multipurpose room.

Every person who works in the school is aware of the behavioral expectations and works to ensure students are consistently getting the same message regardless of the setting they are in, or the adult they come in contact with.

Implementation Plan:

The district began working to implement PBIS in 2002. We are very proud of our progress but keep working to improve our success. In order to accomplish this task, several components are in place.

They are as follows:

  1. Behavioral Expectations are Clearly Defined. A small number of clearly defined behavioral expectations are simply stated in positive terms. Hopefully you are all aware that Glasgow Elementary’s are:
    • Be Safe
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Cooperative (better known as the 4-bees)
  2. Behavioral Expectations are Taught: Our School Mascot, Buddy Bear, helps our little ones learn the proper procedures for arriving at school, leaving school, cafeteria procedures, safety on the playground and proper use of the restroom. These procedures are taught to all of our children in school through direct teaching and modeling with some help from our humorous Buddy Bear!
  3. Appropriate Behaviors are Acknowledged: Once appropriate behaviors have been defined and taught, they are acknowledged in various ways on a regular basis. You may see students’ pictures up, or sticker come home, their names may be announced and we ask parents to let us know when the see their children using the four bees at home!!
  4. When Students Have a Difficult Time With One of the 4-Bees, They are Corrected Proactively: If a student has difficulty remembering to follow one of the 4B rules, he/she is reminded of the rule in a positive and proactive manner. If a child breaks a 4B rule, they are immediately corrected and given a positive replacement behavior through reteaching.
  5. Data Collection: Office Discipline data is collected on school wide behavior and a team (Climate Committee) reviews the data regularly to determine when and where the problems are occurring. The committee then brainstorms ways to proactively address the problems and reinforce positive behaviors. All Stakeholders are represented on the Climate Committee.
  6. Individual Support is Provided for Students not Responding to the School-Wide System: Glasgow Elementary has a Building Team, which works on plans for individual students who may have a difficult time and need more support in the school setting. This team meets on a monthly basis. Parents are active partners in developing plans to help these students succeed.
  7. Active Support by All Stakeholders: The entire school community is needed to be actively involved in order to make the system successful. PBIS is a school-wide system for establishing a positive culture in the school.

Benefits of PBIS (research based):

  1. Increase attendance.
  2. Student self-reports of a more positive and calm environment.
  3. Teacher reports of a more positive and calm environment.
  4. Reduction in the proportion of students who engage in behavioral disruptions.
  5. Reduction in the number of behavioral disruptions.
  6. For more information about PBIS please contact Tracey Giroux at 563-2410 or go to www.pbis.org