Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Arrival & Dismissal Areas

  • stay in designated areas

  • remain on school property once arrived

  • cross with crossing guard

  • dress for weather

  • keep snow on the ground

  • lock your bike to the bike rack or fence

  • throw you garbage in garbage can

  • visit with your friends without hitting or pushing

  • treat other people’s bikes and skateboards with care

  • follow directions of teachers, etc. on duty

Hallways/ Stairways

  • walk at a reasonable rate

  • keep hands and feet to self

  • no open containers

  • contact the office if visitors are seen without passes

  • report directly to class

  • report dangerous activities to office or adult

  • report others who are threatening or disrespecting others

  • take the shortest and most convenient route to class

  • move quietly

  • stay to the right as you pass

  • use respectful language


  • make sure that you are the only person who knows your combination

  • keep only items than you need for school in your locker

  • keep all your belongings neatly in locker so that locker closes properly

  • keep only your belongings in your locker

  • plan the best times to go to your locker

  • give those students around you room to get to their lockers


  • sit in seat

  • walk while in classroom

  • keep feet on floor

  • keep hands to self

  • keep all chair legs on floor

  • observe fire drill rules

  • have necessary materials

  • write down assignments in assignment notebook

  • have homework completed

  • take care of school equipment

  • leave classroom as found

  • listen to individual speaking

  • be on time

  • raise hand to speak

  • use appropriate language

  • talk in audible tone

  • be polite of others’ opinions


  • wash hands with soap and water

  • use proper hygiene

  • keep papers in basket

  • keep water off floor

  • use proper disposal of waste products

  • alert office to need for janitor

  • flush toilet

  • turn off water

  • leave it neat for others

  • respect privacy of others

  • observe time limits


  • keep hands & feet to yourself

  • walk to your seat in the cafeteria

  • wash hands before eating

  • ask lunch monitors for permission to leave the cafeteria

  • eat a nutritious lunch

  • take only as much food as you will eat

  • clean up your area when finished

  • keep food on your tray or in your mouth

  • ask lunch monitors if you wish to change seats

  • be considerate of others and use good manners

  • talk softly to those at your lunch table

  • use good manners while being served and waiting in line


  • communicate only with known individuals

  • log off computer when finished

  • use for educational purposes

  • follow Acceptable Use Policy for Internet Resources

  • use appropriate computer programs and websites

  • have computer pass for labs

  • use appropriate language/internet etiquette

  • respect equipment

  • be aware of others working around you

  • access your own files/information


  • walk slowly when passing through

  • know what you came to library for

  • have a pass, sign out before you leave

  • return books and materials on time

  • leave the area clean, push chairs back in place

  • use appropriate tone of voice

  • be aware of others working around you

  • show respect to library staff

  • treat books and equipment with care

P.E. Areas

  • lock up your belongings at all times

  • participate in a safe manner

  • behave appropriately in the locker rooms

  • be prepared for class

  • keep your hands to yourself

  • listen to the announcements

  • be a good sport

  • treat your classmates fairly


  • keep hands and feet to self and out of the aisles

  • walk in the aisles

  • sit in assigned area

  • be on time for program

  • follow directions of supervisor

  • take any handouts with you

  • leave food/drinks outside the auditorium

  • listen to speaker/presentation

  • use appropriate applause

  • participate when/if asked

Extracurricular Activities/ Dances

  • pay full attention to activity

  • observe safety rules

  • report dangerous activities to supervising adult

  • follow directions for exiting

  • be on time for event

  • bring all necessary supplies/equipment

  • arrange for ride to arrive promptly after completion

  • follow directions given by supervising adult(s)

  • use appropriate language when interacting with peers and adults

  • treat others with respect

Health Office

  • all medications are to be taken to the health office

  • bring a written order from health care provider & parental permission for any prescription or non-prescription medication to be taken at school

  • bring all medical releases or gym excuses to health office

  • when ill or injured, have an escort as needed, or have someone call for nurse

  • have a timed pass

  • sign in and indicate time & reason

  • have parent contact health office for any requests regarding student illness or injury

  • return forms whenever needed or requested

  • report to health office when ill or injured

  • cooperate with nurse and staff

  • respect people and property

  • be polite and use appropriate language

  • ask permission to use phone

Main Office

  • alert office if you see a visitor without identification

  • report dangerous activities and/or strange smells

  • remember to sign in and out of school

  • let secretary know why you are in office and who sent you

  • if not in regular attendance, bring in note explaining absence/tardiness

  • let office know when family goes on vacation

  • call by 8:00 to report absences/request homework

  • enter quietly

  • speak in audible tone

  • be courteous

  • cooperate with secretaries and administrators

  • respect other people’s property