Past Work and Community Projects

Past Work and Community Projects:

When working on your career portfolio, you may consider including samples of work from volunteer and/or work experiences. Here are some examples of types of work that you may want to include (these are specific to certain jobs so your individual samples may differ):

  1. Grant Writing Proposals (individual or collaborative). Some school clubs engage in this process often and this can attest to your ability to work cooperatively in groups. It may also speak to your leadership abilities.
  2. Floor plans or diagrams that you completed using a Computer Aided Design Program (Carpentry/Architecture related job).
  3. Photos of hair cuts or acrylic nail designs that you completed at Champlain Valley Technical Center (Applying for a Cosmetology job).
  4. You might include sample menus or business plans created during coursework for Culinary Arts at Champlain Valley Technical Center or during a past job (Culinary Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Management).
  5. You may include samples of writing such a newspaper articles that you have created during high school (applying for a journalism position).

These types of materials and samples would show a potential employer that you are prepared and offer them some insight into the quality of work that you are capable of.