District-wide Healthy Initiatives

District-wide Healthy Initiatives

Health Education Advisory Committee
The PCSD Health Education Advisory Committee meets regularly to set goals and discuss policies to enhance student/faculty/staff health and Milk Vending machinewellness. It is comprised of 21 members including representatives from each PCSD school building, Charlene O’Connor – the School Lunch Manager, Kim Quinn – the District-wide Health Education coordinator, Linda Haubner – School Nurse Practitioner, and many community and governmental organizations (e.g., police, Clinton County Health Dept.).

This committee brings together all the parties responsible for putting the policies developed by the many sub-committees (see below) and passed by the Board of Education. The Plattsburgh City School District is actively involved with promoting good eating habits, food safety, a commitment to fitness, fighting obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diet and exercise-related diseases.

It would be impossible to list all of the policies, programs, classes, events and initiatives that occur daily in the District. The following program highlights are good examples of the many and diverse efforts the District is engaged in to ensure that its students, faculty and staff are healthy and safe.

Why focus on physical activity, healthy eating and a tobacco-free lifestyle?
Physical inactivity, poor diet and tobacco use are related to heart disease, cancer, obesity and respiratory disease. Physical activity can reduce anxiety and stress and increase self-esteem. Research suggests that having breakfast can improve a child’s intellectual performance. Not using tobacco can protect fitness, help prevent serious disease such as lung cancer, and prevent premature death due to smoking related illnesses

Health and Wellness Fair
The District held a Health and Wellness Fair with involvement from 20 community organizations. Students assembled in the PHS gym to visit booths promoting abstinence from tobacco/alcohol/drug use, Stop DWI, CVPH, Plattsburgh YMCA, Clinton County Health Department, Plattsburgh City police, SUNY police, self-defense demonstrations, Stop Domestic Violence, NAPP Sexual Assault Services, Champlain Valley chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, High Peaks Dental, and many more. During their visits, students taste tested healthy foods, saw the effects of tobacco use on healthy lungs, learned about keeping safe, and became aware of the multitude of services that are available through community organizations.