Cover Letters

Cover Letters

A cover letter is a document you send in with a job application and a resume to “highlights your key accomplishments and fit for a job opening. A cover letter adds focus to your resume” (Hansen, 2008). Because a cover letter often fills in the gaps of a resume and states the intentions of the applicant, it can often be viewed as a staple when applying for a job. In other words, you should write one whether the employer specifically asks for a cover letter or not. Below are some great websites to help you write a cover letter, and great sites that offer tips on how to write a quality cover letter.

Cover Letter Sample Sites:

  3. Sample cover letter template:

Tips and Help Writing Cover Letters:

  1. Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts” by: Randall and Katharine Hansen
  2. “The Dynamic Cover Letters Formula for Job-Search Success” by: Katharine and Randall Hansen.