What is Plattsburgh Pride?

What is Plattsburgh Pride?

PHS’s Policy on Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports This link will open in a new tab.
Plattsburgh High School implements and supports a behavioral model known as Plattsburgh Pride (a.k.a. PBIS). Plattsburgh Pride is a model which teaches positive behaviors, reinforces and recognizes students who are able to model these behaviors and has systems in place to support students who have a difficult time or may present with more challenging behaviors..


Instead of using a patchwork of individual behavioral management plans, we have moved to a school-wide discipline system that addresses the entire school, the classroom, areas outside the classroom (such as hallways, restrooms, offices, cafeteria, playground/school grounds etc.). Every person who works in the school is aware of the behavioral expectations and works to ensure students are consistently getting the same message, regardless of the setting they are in or the adult they come in contact with.

What Plattsburgh Pride Looks Like at PHS:

  1. Behavioral Expectations are defined. For example: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Cooperative.
  2. Behavioral Expectations are taught: Behavioral expectations are identified for various settings in each school. The behaviors are taught to all of the students in the school through direct teaching with the help of staff.
  3. Appropriate Behaviors are acknowledged: Once appropriate behaviors have been defined and taught, they are acknowledged in various ways on a regular basis.
  4. Individual Support is provided for Students not responding to the School- Wide System: Each school has a system for developing plans for individual students who may have a difficult time and need more support in a school setting.
  5. The entire school community is needed to be actively involved in order to make the system successful. Plattsburgh Pride is a district wide system for establishing a positive culture in each building.

How Can You Participate?

Know behavioral expectations- Plattsburgh Pride’s behavioral expectations will be clearly outlined by teachers and in your classroom environment.
Set an example- Once you know the behaviors expected of you- model them for your peers. Be an agent of change and inspire your peers to work towards the behavior expectations of the Plattsburgh Pride model.
Learn from your mistakes- Lots of people make mistakes- but those who are able to learn from those mistakes are those who are less likely to repeat them.

Expect good behavior from your peers- Not only should you be a model in your own behavior but you can also encourage your friends and peer groups to engage in the same type of behavior.


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