Knowing Your Resources

Knowing Your Resources

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As high school students at PHS, you have many services available to you that can aid you in becoming successfully on a personal/social level as well as academically. Knowing the resources that are available to you is half the battle. Below is a list of resources you may want to consider as you continue your journey through high school.

Academic Resources:

  1. Guided Study Hall
    • Guided Study Hall (GSH) is a program developed to help students struggling in coursework, to get extra help and support when completing homework assignments. GSH is supervised by some great teachers including Mr. Hanrahan, Ms. Buskey, Ms. Casey-Sanger. Students truly feel that GSH is a great way to get academic support. Students state that they also are able to make real connections with the teachers, and to learn in an environment that is relaxing and comfortable.
    • To be able to gain access to Guided Study Hall you would need to see your counselor to decide if GSH is right for you. Counselors would then need to work with Guided Study Hall teachers to see if there is a spot available. If you are interested in GSH, please contact your counselor.
  2. Academic Intervention Services
    • Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are services provided to students who have failed a state exam and need extra help learning the material so that they can re-take the exam in the future.
    • AIS is a program that is not voluntary. It is most often assigned to students who require extra help to meet exam requirements.
  3. Teacher Assistance.
    • At PHS, we are lucky to have a staff of dedicated teachers who will often arrange to meet with students during their prep periods and/or after school. To be able to work with your teacher outside of class, you will need to speak with your teacher and/or counselor to see if that teacher would be able to meet to help you catch in classes or tackle some of the coursework that you may not understand.

Support Services (School and Community):

    1. Individual Counseling with your School Counselor
      • Whether you are struggling in course work, or you need someone to talk to about things going on outside of school, your school counselor is someone who can help. Know that you can come to your school counselor as they are all trained to address academic as well as personal needs.
    2. Peer Mentor
      • PHS supports a Peer Mentoring program in which students volunteer to become mentors to other PHS students. The CFES, or College For Every Student Program at PHS is the parent program for the Peer Mentoring Initiative. Though new to PHS this year, the Peer Mentoring program is now beginning to catch on. Many students are signing up to become mentors.These students participate in extensive training on and off school grounds and attend meetings to learn and share information about their role as a mentor. Mentees to the program primarily introduced to the Peer Mentoring Program by means of referral. If a teacher, staff member, or parent notices that a student is struggling with the transition to high school, may be having social issues, or even just needs a little nudge to be more successful during their first year of high school, they can refer the student to the peer mentoring program.The mentors will work with mentees on everyday life issues and school work. Mentors and mentees also participate together in volunteer and character building activities. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee please see Mrs. Tisdale or Mr. Mousseau (the advisors) for details.
    3. Behavioral Health Services North (BHSN)  This link will open in a new tab.
      • BHSN is a community program designed to offer counseling services to the Plattsburgh area. You can contact BHSN if you need to see a counselor. You will want to consult with your parents and possibly even  your school counselor before making an appointment.

      Address: 22 US Oval, Suite 218, Plattsburgh NY 12901
      Phone Number: (518)563-8000

    4. Clinton County Mental Health
      • Clinton County Mental Health is another local office that offers individual counseling to residents of Clinton County. Again, you will want to consult with your parents and/or counselor before making an appointment.

      Address: 18 Ampersand Dr. Plattsburgh, NY 12901
      Phone Number: (518) 565-4060

    5. Catholic Charities  This link will open in a new tab.
      • Catholic Charities is a local agency that offers group work for community members. Currently they are running an anger management group for teens. They do offer other groups and services for community members as well. If you are interested in learning more about the services you can speak with your school counselor and/or your parents.

      Address: 4914 S Catherine St. Plattsburgh, NY 12901
      Phone Number: (518) 561-0470

    6. Planned Parenthood   This link will open in a new tab.
      • At PHS we offer students education about safe sex during the course of the school year. Often a representative from Planned Parenthood comes in to speak with the class about topics surrounding safe sex. This program is abstinence-based, but offers diverse information about a variety of topics related the sex education. Please contact Planned Parenthood for more information.

      Address: 66 Brinkerhoff St., Plattsburgh NY 12901
      Phone number: (518) 561-0605

    7. Champlain Valley Family Center (CVFC)  This link will open in a new tab.
      • CVEF is a community based program designed to offer substance abuse assessment and treatment. This agency does work with area youth and offers flexible hours.

      Address: 20 Ampersand Dr. Plattsburgh, NY 12901
      Phone number: 518-561-8480


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