Student Data Privacy Page

This policy addresses Plattsburgh City School District’s (“District”) responsibility to adopt appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards and controls to protect and maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its data, data systems and information technology resources. The District takes active steps to protect the confidentiality of protected information in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws. The District likewise expected all District officers, employees, and partners to maintain the confidentiality of protected information in accordance with state and federal law and applicable District policies.

  1.  Data Privacy and Security (pdf)
  2. Parents Bill of Rights for Student Data (pdf)
  3. Unauthorized Disclosure Complaint Form-Plattsburgh (pdf)
  4. Current 3rd Party Contractors:
    1. Plattsburgh 2-d Rider (Third Party Contractors)  (pdf)
  5. If you wish to review the data sharing and confidentiality agreements that the district has in place with software vendors, we have made these publicly available at Since this is a work in progress, we will be continuously updating this site with software agreements as they become available.