Criteria for 1:1 Aide

Criteria for 1:1 Aide

1. In the event that the CSE is considering a 1:1 aide service for a student, there are several criteria to consider. Each student is unique and each case must be considered on its merits. The examples below offer some guidelines for when a 1:1 aide may be appropriate.

2. Student is physically unable to see to his/her own safety/personal needs and needs adult assistance. Typically these students have significant physical limitations.

3. A student who exhibits chronic behavior for which may be disruptive to a class but who can participate if the intervention is available.

4. A student whose developmental skills are so significantly different from the class/peer group that his/her whole program has to be modified and individualized (typically a student who is IEP diploma bound, has a parallel curriculum and needs constant re-direction to access that curriculum).

5. A student who is transitioning from an intensive level of support (residential/day treatment or 6:1:1) to a less restrictive environment may need 1:1 aide support for a transition period.